Meaning of par for the course in English:

par for the course

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  • What is normal or expected in any given circumstances.

    ‘looking gorgeous is par for the course with her’
    • ‘Now 5,000 patients die every year because of hospital-bred infections and this is now seen as par for the course.’
    • ‘Didn't get to see everyone I'd hoped to, but that's par for the course.’
    • ‘To be told you've won a digital camera or mountain bike or some such, whilst wondering what the catch is, is about par for the course.’
    • ‘Getting the odd whistle or rude comment is par for the course.’
    • ‘Bizarre conversations with taxi drivers are par for the course in Dublin, but this one took the biscuit.’
    normal, typical, standard, usual, predictable, what one would expect, only to be expected
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