Meaning of paradigm shift in English:

paradigm shift

Pronunciation /ˈparədʌɪmˌʃɪft/


  • A fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

    ‘geophysical evidence supporting Wegener's theory led to a rapid paradigm shift in the earth sciences’
    • ‘Within twenty years a fundamental paradigm shift had occurred in the ways in which informed observers discussed human existence.’
    • ‘The Joburg 2030 strategy marks an important paradigm shift in our approach to planning.’
    • ‘Second, it takes a paradigm shift to transition from traditional group insurance to a health and welfare trust.’
    • ‘The internet provides a paradigm shift in thinking regarding communication and medical knowledge.’
    • ‘A paradigm shift in the fields of art, entertainment and publishing is taking place.’


1960s term used in the writings of Thomas S. Kuhn (1922–96), philosopher of science.