Meaning of paralyse in English:


Pronunciation /ˈparəlʌɪz/

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[with object]
  • 1Cause (a person or part of the body) to become partly or wholly incapable of movement.

    ‘Mrs Burrows had been paralysed by a stroke’
    • ‘But, together, the anesthetic paralyzes the body and lets the poison reek havoc.’
    • ‘A stroke may have paralysed her body but Kate Thomas's mind is still ticking.’
    • ‘Kim previously worked as a taxi driver until 2001 when he was partially paralysed by a stroke.’
    • ‘It has partly paralyzed the right side of her body.’
    • ‘When they put me in the an air tight cell, they put this device on my head that paralyzed my body.’
    incapacitated, immobilized, powerless
    disable, immobilize, make powerless, render powerless, incapacitate, debilitate, numb, deaden, benumb, dull
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    1. 1.1Make (someone) unable to think or act normally, especially through panic or fear.
      ‘some people are paralysed by the thought of failure’
      • ‘People are almost paralysed by fear and a sense of impotence.’
      • ‘I was paralyzed with fear the whole time, unable to move a muscle even if there had been anything I could have done.’
      • ‘Dripping with potential but too young to realize the extent of possibilities that lie before us, life can easily seem overwhelming, paralyzing us with fear.’
      • ‘Much to my horror, I once again felt the life blood draining out of me, paralyzing me with fear.’
      • ‘When it arrives I am so paralyzed with fear, I can't get on.’
      immobilize, transfix, become rooted to the spot, freeze, stun, render motionless, become horror-stricken, become horror-struck, petrify
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    2. 1.2Stop (a system, place, or organization) from operating by causing disruption.
      ‘the regional capital was paralysed by a general strike’
      • ‘Jakarta turned into a giant battle field when riots paralyzed the capital city.’
      • ‘Corruption is very critical not just because it is economically critical and paralyzing our legal system, but it too has been gnawing at our ability to develop a sense of solidarity.’
      • ‘Massive protests outside Westminster paralysed the capital's roads for more than 12 hours on Thursday.’
      • ‘The protests in Spain have paralysed major highways, ports and fuel depots as thousands of fishermen and farmers blocked roads, ports and fuel distribution centres.’
      • ‘Stranded motorists were rescued from their vehicles by the emergency services after snowdrifts up to 20 ft deep paralysed areas of the Scottish Highlands.’
      bring to a standstill, immobilize, bring to a halt, bring to a grinding halt, halt, stop, freeze, cripple, disable, put out of action, put out of commission, render inoperative, deactivate
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Late Middle English in early use probably from late Middle English paralysie ‘paralysis’ or its source Old French paralysie + -ize; in later use from French paralyser, from paralysie ‘paralysis’ (see paralysis).