Meaning of parapsychology in English:



mass noun
  • The study of mental phenomena which are excluded from or inexplicable by orthodox scientific psychology (such as hypnosis, telepathy, etc.).

    • ‘Let us not trivialise this by saying that it is because of parapsychology or telepathy.’
    • ‘Therefore, it will be the interface between parapsychology and general psychology, and not the various other fields of science, that will be of most interest here.’
    • ‘Dr. Smith is an authority on parapsychology, the psychology of superstition and paranormal belief, and the psychology of deception.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this is the threshold used by most journals in medicine, psychology, and parapsychology.’
    • ‘Pertinent research findings in parapsychology and mainstream psychology will be summarized.’
    • ‘Human Personality can still speak to modern psychology and parapsychology in different ways.’
    • ‘It is, rather, a postulated phenomenon of parapsychology.’
    • ‘This site is dedicated to parapsychology and related paranormal phenomena.’
    • ‘Most of the participants were interested in parapsychology and in psi phenomena.’
    • ‘It is important to make a distinction between formal parapsychology and the psychic nonsense and superstition that often operates in its name.’
    • ‘Rhine, by the way, is the person who coined the terms extrasensory perception and parapsychology.’
    • ‘In many of the word association experiments used in parapsychology, the assumption is made that the ESP will work automatically on an unconscious level.’
    • ‘Fourth, in many circles association with parapsychology is a social and an intellectual stigma.’
    • ‘Experimental results of parapsychology seem unable to fulfill these requirements.’
    • ‘The data of parapsychology have direct relevance to these and other issues in cognitive science.’
    • ‘And there is not a single example of a scientific discovery in the field of parapsychology that has been independently replicated.’
    • ‘One criticism of parapsychology has been that its researchers have ignored studies with negative outcomes.’
    • ‘Now it must be recognized that not all involvement of magicians in parapsychology has proven useful; there have been minor disasters in this regard.’
    • ‘During the course of my extraordinary journey through the labyrinth of parapsychology I played the part of both psychic and researcher.’
    • ‘I think in the past the déjà vu experience has been interpreted by parapsychology and it's very tempting to be thinking about the déjà vu experiences perhaps reflecting a past life.’