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mass noun
  • A toxic fast-acting herbicide, which becomes deactivated in the soil.

    ‘The Rochester team studied the effects of a mixture of two common agrochemicals, the herbicide paraquat and the fungicide maneb.’
    • ‘To date, epidemiological and animal studies have linked some cases to high exposure to various pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, including paraquat and maneb.’
    • ‘This is in considerable contrast to the large, technologized ‘zeroshade’ cacao plantations, which apply generous amounts of highly toxic herbicides, such as paraquat, and potent insecticides such as endosulfan.’
    • ‘Some pesticides, such as paraquat and glyphosate, bind very tightly, while others bind only weakly and are readily desorbed or released back into the soil solution.’
    • ‘Plants were grown at 20°C, 15°C and 18°C, and at 20°C following exposure to the pro-oxidant herbicide paraquat.’
    • ‘Syngenta, one of the world's largest agro-chemical corporations, markets paraquat which is highly toxic, with no known antidote.’
    • ‘And the herbicide, called paraquat was so strong that a police officer investigating the death had to be sent to hospital after he sniffed the bottle.’
    • ‘When glyphosate falls victim to resistance there's only one herbicide equivalent left: paraquat.’
    • ‘In the spring add atrazine to glyphosate or paraquat to control late emerging downy brome.’
    • ‘Future research in this region should focus on farmers with long-term exposure to pesticides - especially paraquat - to check for neurologic damage and respiratory effects.’



/ˈparəkwɒt/ /ˈparəkwat/


1960s from para- (sense 2) + quaternary (it is a quaternary ammonium salt containing pyridine rings linked at the para-position).