Meaning of parastatal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌparəˈsteɪt(ə)l/


  • (of an organization or industry, especially in some African countries) having some political authority and serving the state indirectly.

    ‘While the exercise of privatising Zambia's parastatal industries has largely been a success, there are important lessons that make it imperative for Government to finalise the sale of the last batch of utility companies with caution.’
    • ‘Many of the modern sector's private and parastatal industries have shut down, leaving only a handful of companies engaged in light industry…’
    • ‘Admitting that Government had rushed the privatisation process of some parastatal companies in the country resulting in most of them closing down shortly after being sold, she said time had come to correct the mistake.’
    • ‘The anonymous source also told the newspaper that the government wanted to sack staff in parastatal agencies before payment could begin.’
    • ‘The CCF not only brought grain-storage and agricultural supplies under provincial parastatal agencies, but also organized insurance, transport, and much of general retail trade on a cooperative basis.’
    • ‘He said job losses after companies had been privatised were unavoidable because most parastatal companies had bloated work force which had to be laid off since the companies were running out of funds.’
    • ‘Affirmative action legislation became a reality in February 2000 when government ministries and parastatal companies had to submit their first affirmative action reports.’
    • ‘The two men presided over a government that has left thousands of workers jobless because of the manner in which they conducted the dismantling of parastatal companies in the name of privatisation.’
    • ‘Since the fall of parastatal companies as a result of privatisation, the informal sector has played a very critical role as a source of livelihood in Zambia.’
    • ‘Predominantly, the organisation looks into the plight of former workers of parastatal companies which were done away with following the liberalisation of Zambia's economy in 1991.’
    • ‘With privatisation of the major parastatal companies in the 1990s, the Government has no capacity to employ many graduates from the higher learning institutions.’
    • ‘The functions of the Board are to regulate and control the procurement of goods, services and works for the Government and parastatal bodies, local authorities and other public institutions.’
    • ‘It was recently announced in parliament that New Era would become a fully commercialised, profit-making parastatal company this year, publishing daily.’
    • ‘Government, as with the other remaining parastatal companies, has genuine reasons for maintaining these entities under its wings.’
    • ‘But the real power will reside in 10 of the 15 ministerial cabinet posts and bosses of the parastatal corporations that will be divided up between the warring factions.’
    • ‘Established by an act of parliament in 1997, the parastatal college provides an alternative secondary education for those unable to take part in the formal school system.’
    • ‘Despite ongoing government efforts to privatize large-scale parastatal units, the public sector continues to account for a significant proportion of industry.’
    • ‘The company will now take over vast tracts of land previously owned by the parastatal South African Forestry Company Limited.’
    • ‘Mr Sopye said there were only 21 vehicles owned by a few businessmen and Government departments or parastatal bodies inclusively.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, as the ruling party is working around the clock to do just that, some politicians are combining efforts with parastatal executives to milk some financial cows handling public money.’


  • A parastatal organization.

    ‘Internally, the decision was widely supported by government organisations, parastatals and NGOs.’
    • ‘Meanwhile more than 2,000 health workers, employed by two Kenyan Ministry of Health parastatals took strike action on February 9, to protest a delayed pay rise.’
    • ‘She assured them that in light of the new guidelines for parastatals agreed by the government on November 23, she would instruct the hospital's board to pay them accordingly.’
    • ‘Angula said in many instances, civil servants have joined parastatals after getting remuneration packages from government.’
    • ‘Public enterprises formed in order to enhance the economic and social health of a nation, parastatals come into being through a variety of means and circumstances.’
    • ‘Several NGOs, community-based organisations and parastatals will also operate from the centre.’
    • ‘The strike has brought the state government to a halt, with both the ministries and the parastatals (government-owned utilities) paralysed.’
    • ‘Public infrastructure has been devastated and the Secretary General of the DRC in Goma requisitioned all revenue generated by public utilities and parastatals.’
    • ‘The economic order entailed privatisation of parastatals and restructuring of public service delivery.’
    • ‘As part of its business plan, the MVA Fund is thinking of setting up shops in other regions, perhaps as a piggyback on other parastatals with offices in those regions.’
    • ‘With the appointment of ANC party members to virtually all top posts in government and the parastatals, the hold of the party on the levers of power is probably as great here as anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘In my opinion, there are some serious aspects of the administration of Government and its parastatals that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.’
    • ‘For the first time in the history of Zambia's politics, we have seen more women appointed in top Government positions and executive offices in statutory bodies and parastatals.’
    • ‘Labour also proposed that the government and parastatals ensured their restructuring process contributed to job creation.’
    • ‘Some were saved by appointments into government and parastatals.’
    • ‘Another point of concern for the minister is the issuing of loan guarantees by government for borrowing by parastatals.’
    • ‘Being a young company, it is mainly dependent on contracts from government, parastatals and so forth.’
    • ‘I would like to make some observations about some parastatals and the Government at large.’
    • ‘How much is stock theft worth compared to millions that are missing in our government and parastatals?’
    • ‘In most countries, the combined public debt of government, parastatals and utilities is what drives the secondary capital market.’