Meaning of parcel shelf in English:

parcel shelf


  • A shelf in a motor vehicle behind the rear seat.

    ‘And the third row really does offer seating, not just a glorified parcel shelf with additional seat belts.’
    • ‘Stowage space isn't huge, with a rear parcel shelf and a couple of map pockets on the inside and a rather shallow but full-width 7.1 cu ft compartment in the tail - for which you can get a pair of special VX luggage bags.’
    • ‘The steel bar came through and pierced the parcel shelf in the back seat.’
    • ‘The hood, front wings, trunk lid, front and rear-end module carriers, the rear-end module, the parcel shelf, and the rear wall behind the rear seat backrest are all made of aluminum.’
    • ‘The officer said he believed the item was a rear parcel shelf from a burning car nearby.’
    • ‘It has meant taking out the rear seat and parcel shelf to give it a weight-saving power boost, and to replace the spare wheel with a space-saving tyre mobility system - one that keeps the car on the road until a suitable garage is reached.’
    • ‘After a few minutes examining the steering column I stumbled across it hidden to the left of the column above the parcel shelf.’
    • ‘Among the parts stolen were a steering wheel, an air filter, a parcel shelf, locking nuts and a pair of sparks.’
    • ‘For example, all the models feature the touch-button sill height adjustment, an opening tailgate window, as well as a combined parcel shelf and retractable boot cover.’
    • ‘Do not leave property inside the vehicle, even in the boot or under the parcel shelf.’
    • ‘He was then seen throwing a burning parcel shelf, taken from one of many blazing vehicles in the nearby car park, into the club.’
    • ‘It's embarrassing enough turning up at the Drive-In with the venetian blinds in the rear window and the crochet cushions on the parcel shelf.’
    • ‘Undeterred, he calmly walked to a nearby blazing car, picked out the flaming parcel shelf and hurled it into the club where the 23 customers including a 78-year-old woman and her disabled son were cowering in terror.’
    • ‘There is also an overhead parcel shelf (over the driver and front-seat passenger) and in the back two underfloor storage compartments, door pockets and pockets behind seats.’
    • ‘This flexible cargo space also comes equipped with hooks on the floor, side nets beside the wheel arches, hooks for hanging bags and even a small concealed tray under the parcel shelf.’
    • ‘For example, they claimed a bloody handprint found on the parcel shelf of a car at the murder scene was too large to have been caused by her, as had been alleged by the prosecution.’
    • ‘Not too bad for a car that's essentially a lawnmower with a parcel shelf.’
    • ‘‘They then forced the security window at the parcel counter and forced a door to the parcel shelf,’ he said.’
    • ‘I say that the parcel shelf will have to come out first.’
    • ‘The overhead parcel shelf is fine for the larger items or your sarnies and there's a handy notepad clip on the top of the dash.’