Meaning of participatory in English:


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  • Involving or characterized by participation.

    ‘a highly participatory approach to teaching and learning’
    • ‘participatory democratic processes’
    • ‘The solution is not for the museum to revamp its mode of display to encourage a more participatory form of engagement.’
    • ‘They favor active, participatory recreation over passive, institutionalized forms.’
    • ‘This decision marked a significant break with the participatory fun-house effect of many contemporary installations.’
    • ‘At a junior high school, she talks about the history of dance, then launches into a participatory program with a smorgasbord of dance styles.’
    • ‘His interest lies in looking but not living, and his experience is observatory rather than participatory.’
    • ‘The common people were alienated, and they had no participatory role in the government.’
    • ‘Choreography is brought into play only when dance's primary function becomes spectacle rather than participatory activity.’
    • ‘Even when the works were not specifically interactive, they tended to make reference to participatory situations.’
    • ‘Through participatory engagement with the other-than-human, children can return to the conditions of human embeddedness in the world.’
    • ‘It stands as a living entity in an ecosystem dependent on a participatory reciprocity.’



/pɑːtɪsɪˈpeɪtəri/ /pɑːˈtɪsɪpətri/