Meaning of party foul in English:

party foul


informal North American
  • An act or instance of unpleasant or unacceptable behaviour at a party or other social gathering.

    • ‘there are obvious party fouls like spilling a drink on the carpet or fighting’
    • ‘The guys break character and talk about party fouls they have committed or witnessed in the past.’
    • ‘Jacqueline decides to confront her newfound frenemy - definitely a party foul.’
    • ‘Wickham crashes an important event and confesses to committing the ultimate party foul: murder.’
    • ‘Nachos are the ultimate party food; bad nachos are the ultimate party foul.’
    • ‘As party fouls go, nearly dying in the host's pool might top the list.’
    • ‘Party foul: Jerry explained to George that he 'over-cheered' at the Wallensteins' Super Bowl party two years ago.’
    • ‘Even the best-intentioned can commit the dreaded party foul with factors like super-sized glasses, unpredictable pours, and cocktails containing different types of alcohol.’
    • ‘It's a party foul to wear another band's T-shirt to a concert.’
    • ‘Despite the awkward party foul, she did look elegantly polished in a flowing black and white gown.’