Meaning of party wall in English:

party wall

Pronunciation /ˌpɑːtɪ ˈwɔːl/

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  • A wall common to two adjoining buildings or rooms.

    ‘In fact the premises formed one building with a party wall (providing two semi-detached houses) but which were not divided in any way in the loft space.’
    • ‘In that case there were two adjoining properties with a party wall.’
    • ‘Because the buildings are fairly old there are no party walls in the roof void, which is why it spread quickly.’
    • ‘The room was then extended sideways into an alleyway along the side of the building, following delicate negotiations over the party wall with the adjoining property.’
    • ‘Sit speakers away from party walls and do not place directly on floor.’
    • ‘On the ground floor, the two party walls are lined by storage - for kitchen, bathroom, clothes, books and CDs.’
    • ‘They form the fundamental structure, making a rigid egg-crate like arrangement in which the houses are separated by party walls, each with a thin sound-reducing cavity between paired vertical concrete planes.’
    • ‘Its structural system consists of a new party wall, peripheral columns, and flat slab construction.’
    • ‘Other than refusing legal obligations over the fire escape, the decided they didn't like the colour of brick used to top a party wall.’
    • ‘Lining one side of a narrow canyon-like street, it is a massive Victorian structure, built around a central courtyard and subdivided into units, the extents of which accord with existing party walls.’
    • ‘Councillors have been recommended that representations should be made to Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, that the inspection of fire separation in party walls and roofs should be made a statutory requirement.’
    • ‘The case was analogous to claims in respect of damage to party walls for which a defendant could be liable for the acts of an independent contractor, the basis for which was that the work involved a risk of damage to the adjoining property.’
    • ‘He rented the house and studio next door to his ground-floor apartment and studio on Tite Street, then opened up the party walls to create a generous establishment.’
    • ‘The partition walls had been replaced with a single 70 mm by 300 mm beam, which was carried by the two party walls.’
    • ‘Whilst the party walls were providing a fair sound barrier between us, clearly the bedroom doors were performing no such function.’
    • ‘Because of this, Ben ignored his sister Beatrice's demands to ‘do something about it’ even though she held his hands to the party wall so that he could feel the vibrations through his callouses.’
    • ‘Returning to the main issue in the case, following the previous decision, one problem was the lack of evidence to show that the party wall was an effective barrier to noise transfer into the adjoining property.’
    • ‘It just happens to fall not along the aisle of the House of Commons, but along the party wall that joins, and separates, the most famous houses in Downing Street.’
    • ‘On the north wall, a well is punched at the middle of the party wall, flooding the surrounding spaces with daylight.’
    • ‘In short, the next door neighbours - the ones we share a party wall with - have been making our lives a living hell with noise.’