Meaning of pasanda in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈsandə/


  • A north Indian dish consisting of sliced meat cooked in a sauce made with tomatoes, yogurt, cream, and spices.

    ‘Jo's lamb pasanda was, she said simply, "yum".’
    • ‘Consumers of Waitrose chicken pasanda demand to know!’
    • ‘Wigan council's environmental health commercial services manager, Tony Dickinson, said: "If you're thinking of turkey curry after Christmas, pass on the pasanda and choose a different flavour."’
    • ‘The more unusual items on the menu include quiches, assorted sushi, Tiranga paneer pasanda, and pastas with classic and innovative oriental sauces.’
    • ‘As appealing, and even richer, was the lamb pasanda - braised lamb with homemade cheese, which seemed to have lots of cumin and coriander.’
    • ‘For a roghan josh, just add onions and tomatoes to a bhoona base, for a pasanda, ground almonds and yogurt.’
    • ‘The keerhay chicken pasanda was excellent, spring chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger yoghurt and garnished with mango slices.’
    • ‘Be the first to recommend a restaurant that serves the best Pasanda Palak Curry.’
    • ‘The service is always excellent and I ate probably the best pasanda in the whole world there.’


Urdu pasandā, from Persian pasanda ‘pleasing’.