Meaning of paseo in English:


Pronunciation /paˈseɪəʊ/

nounplural noun paseos/paˈseɪəʊz/

  • (in Spain or Spanish-speaking parts of the south-western US) a leisurely walk or stroll, especially one taken in the evening in which young people may socialize with each other.

    ‘Besides sitting still, the only other vital Madrid pastime is the paseo, the evening city stroll.’
    • ‘It seemed so quintessentially Spanish; the country of the paseo, the promenade, has an instinctively social culture, and its faith in public solidarity has proved vibrant at the very point of most threat.’
    walk, stroll, saunter, turn, wander, amble, breather, airing, ramble, hike


Spanish, literally ‘step’.