Meaning of pash in English:


Pronunciation /paʃ/


informal, dated
  • A brief infatuation.

    • ‘Kath's got a pash on him’
    • ‘Find someone that you can maybe fall in love with or maybe just have a nice, comfortable relationship for awhile. Find a mad pash.’
    • ‘Today's 10-year-olds can discover for themselves my long-ago pash.’
    • ‘Then there's the ex-boyfriend, the one a friend of mine named the ‘mad pash of my life,’ which is about the long and the short of it.’
    • ‘Are you gonna tell him about your little pash, today?’
    • ‘Looking back on the night I realised the people I was having one-on-ones with were pretty much all men and I still didn't have a pash.’
    passion for, love for, adoration of, desire for, fondness for, feeling for, regard for, devotion to, penchant for, preoccupation with, obsession with, fixation with, craze for, mania for, addiction to


[no object] informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Kiss and caress amorously.

    • ‘We don't even have to tell one or more of the girls we're pashing.’
    • ‘‘No, you want to go back to the bar, yell at your girlfriend and punch that bloke she was pashing,’ Adele scorned.’
    • ‘It made her sick, especially when she realised that it was Drew who was pashing the unknown female.’
    • ‘I walked sadly to my locker, trying to convince myself that it was bound to be like this and that he had pashed my friend anyway, so he wasn't worth my time.’
    • ‘I of course pashed him back when he stopped and shoved an envelope in my bra.’


Early 20th century abbreviation of passion.