Meaning of paspalum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpaspələm/


mass noun
  • A grass of warm and tropical regions, which is grown for fodder, erosion control, and as a pasture grass.

    Genus Paspalum, family Gramineae

    ‘One solution might be new varieties of a grass called seashore paspalum, which were discovered in South Africa and adapted by researchers at the University of Georgia.’
    • ‘There will never be a universal ‘super grass’ for golf, but in coastal states, salt-tolerant paspalum grass comes close.’
    • ‘Holes and hillocks everywhere - and because there are few livestock to keep the grass down, waist high paspalum smothers everything.’
    • ‘Well, with paspalum you can, so we created a system that could handle the salt water.’
    • ‘In addition to the paspalum, architects Steve Forrest and Ken Williams had to work within challenging environmental and stormwater management constraints.’


Modern Latin, from Greek paspalos, denoting a kind of millet.