Meaning of pass degree in English:

pass degree


  • An achievement of a university degree without honours.

    ‘They now recognise any pass degree containing the requisite proportion of chemistry.’
    • ‘He did very poorly in his degree and had to settle for only a pass degree.’
    • ‘He went up to New College, Oxford, taking a First in Jurisprudence and a pass degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.’
    • ‘The professor suggested that the distinction between Third and Lower Second and/or Third and Pass degree could be abolished.’
    • ‘He had to abandon his plan to sit for the final examination in philosophy and ancient history and instead read for an ordinary pass degree.’
    • ‘He was unable to proceed to classical honours and had to accept a pass degree.’
    • ‘He graduated with a pass degree.’
    • ‘His London physician required him to abort his studies, and he was forced to take a pass degree.’
    • ‘He went back to Oxford for two terms and took a pass degree in French, European history, and law in 1919.’
    • ‘There's a module for Aerospace Engineering which requires all students to do a compulsory flight test course, and those who fail to do it would only get a Pass degree.’