Meaning of pass key in English:

pass key



  • 1A key to the door of a restricted area, given only to those who are officially allowed access.

    ‘I was able to use my pass key to get into the storage room’
    • ‘Earp was employed by Johnson Security Services and was entrusted with a pass key which allowed him access to all parts of the school.’
    • ‘Two of these she recognised as the type of key used by patients on their lockers and a large key was similar to the pass key that Michael had.’
    • ‘And, if we don't get the pass key to the Treasury, we're outa’ here and all of America will suffer.’’
    • ‘Out in the corridor, a pass key fidgets at the lock.’
    • ‘Once inside the building, the assault force can control access to important areas by limiting access routes, pass keys, surveillance cameras, and guards.’
    • ‘Well, who is - who is the leader of this social fundamentalist movement, who is the one maintaining the protocols and, if you will, holding the pass keys to the entrance to the party?’
  • 2A master key.

    ‘the night porter used a pass key for those rooms that were empty’
    • ‘January roared at them now, pretending - they assumed - to berate them while she created a pass key to open the door.’
    • ‘I am quite certain that there will be more issues with the security of these systems due to the use of standard pass keys,’ Trifinite notes.’
    • ‘Armed with the pass keys January had created for them, they split up, each unlocking and reprogramming three fighters.’