Meaning of pass the baton in English:

pass the baton


(also pass on the baton)
  • Hand over a particular duty or responsibility.

    ‘the technique allows us to pass the baton to the next generation’
    • ‘The world's greatest rower for a decade, he needs one last, great race before passing the baton on permanently to his long-term teammate.’
    • ‘The day Smith recorded her last album, Billie Holiday walked into the same studio to record her first - like passing on the baton.’
    • ‘My life is now busy teaching, studying and preparing for the arrival (in mid-October) of our new baby, so I'm pleased to have passed the baton to Mark.’
    • ‘But after 18 years as head coach, Clive Marshall has passed the baton to John Bates and become director of rugby.’
    • ‘Many of my struggles were her struggles, sort of like she passed the baton to me.’
    • ‘He passed the baton of his ambition on to me and urged me to become a writer, something he'd dreamed of doing all this life.’
    • ‘If he can't live with the current system, he says, ‘it is time to pass the baton.’’
    • ‘I'm very anxious to be here to pass the baton to the next young man or young woman who walks on the moon.’
    • ‘Should they choose to accept it, I pass the baton on to Adrian and Rhys.’
    • ‘It is appropriate to pass on the baton at this time, as the new millennium brings altogether new challenges for the industry,’ he said.’