Meaning of passband in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɑːsband/


  • A frequency band within which signals are transmitted by a filter without attenuation.

    ‘A second bandpass filter of the at least two disparate bandpass filters has as a passband a second frequency band.’
    • ‘All radiation outside the hydrogen passband falls within the noise of the instrument.’
    • ‘A more concrete advantage, applicable to most complex systems, is that extending the bandwidth provides better linearity and less phase shift within the passband.’
    • ‘Adaptive passband equalization filtering comprises in addition to a non-iterative portion, an iterative filtering portion to suppress longer-delayed post-ghosts.’
    • ‘Delay distortion is the difference in delay between the frequency under test and a reference frequency near the center of the circuit passband (the point of minimum delay).’
    • ‘Each station detects and accurately times the arrival of impulsive VHF (very high frequency) events in a 6MHz passband centered at 63MHz.’
    • ‘The passband filters used were of 546, 490 and 360 nm for green, blue and ultraviolet light, respectively.’
    • ‘Any RF that falls within a receiver's passband that's hot enough can open squelch and pass noise.’
    • ‘Subwoofer calibration is + 10 dB higher in its passband, relative to the average spectral balance of the near-fields.’
    • ‘To estimate the power in individual frequency bands, fifth order Butterworth passband filter functions were used.’
    • ‘Seven band-pass filters (ca 50 nm passband each) were used to cover the spectral region from 280 to 630 nm.’