Meaning of passed pawn in English:

passed pawn


  • A pawn that no enemy pawn can stop from queening.

    ‘In most cases, this evaluation is an aggregate score, assessing, for example, in the case of the Crafty chess playing program, material, development, pawn evaluation, passed pawns, passed pawn race, king safety, and piece interaction.’
    • ‘Although in many openings a piece is traded for three pawns with an equal result, usually either the missing pawns were king-protecting pawns or else the extra pawns include connected passed pawns.’
    • ‘The author also explains key concepts relating to rook pawns, drawing ideas against multiple extra pawns, pawn advantages without passed pawns, etc.’
    • ‘The Law of Symmetry: ‘If your opponent has more advanced pawns on a wing, you don't want to allow him an asymmetric pawn structure where he can sacrifice pawns for a winning passed pawn.’
    • ‘It can involve seeing further into the position and understanding that at one point the opponent won't be able to stop you from getting passed pawns or some such.’
    • ‘He won in 45 moves when his passed pawn was about to queen.’
    • ‘Perhaps at some point f3-f4 may be also played, trying to create a passed pawn on the Kingside. Another disadvantage for White is the inability of his King to interfere.’
    • ‘It may seem logical to bring the King to the queenside to support the passed pawn, but in fact that move gives Black counterplay, as we saw in the game.’
    • ‘The plan of creating a passed pawn on the queenside, is not particularly dangerous.’
    • ‘White's doubled c-pawns are held by the single pawn on c6 whilst Black's kingside pawn majority can yield a passed pawn.’
    • ‘However, after the played move, the position takes on an amorphous, shape-shifting quality, in that, as seen in the game, White's passed pawns become weak, and Black's blocked pawns become strong.’
    • ‘In his present work he uses over 130 well-annotated games to cover not only the IQP, but also hanging pawns, passed pawns, double pawns, backward pawns, pawn chains, and pawn islands.’
    • ‘White's long-term plan is to use his pawn majority to gain more space and ultimately create a passed pawn of his own.’
    • ‘Similarly, ‘overprotection’ includes more or less any defense of a pawn (even an advanced passed pawn that can't be exchanged) by several pieces.’
    • ‘The other defect of doubled pawns is that when they are part of a pawn majority, they cannot generally create a passed pawn unless the opponent allows them to be undoubled.’
    • ‘The two passed pawns supported by the active bishop and king cannot be stopped.’
    • ‘Too bad, considering he has a passed pawn I'd like to stop, but his bishop is the wrong color for me to draw with bare king versus bishop and a-pawn anyway.’
    • ‘In general (in the context of our subject matter), two connected passed pawns on the sixth are winning.’
    • ‘This created two passed pawns each in the bishop vs. knight ending.’
    • ‘As material decreased, the extra knight became less and less of an advantage against white's two passed pawns.’