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passenger mile

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  • One mile travelled by one passenger, as a unit of traffic.

    ‘The fuel efficiency per passenger mile travelled by train is no better than that of an average diesel car carrying two people.’
    • ‘To compare risks for a journey of a fixed distance, we should measure deaths per passenger mile.’
    • ‘In one passenger mile, rail generates .01 grams of hydrocarbons, a bus .20 and a car 2.09.’
    • ‘Its revenue per passenger mile flown is now about 85% of the industry average, vs. 75% to 80% before the change.’
    • ‘For these passengers, quality of experience will be enhanced by knowing their Acela trip, per passenger mile, creates one-eighth the carbon dioxide emissions of flying, and one-quarter those of driving.’
    • ‘It says that owing to empty running and low occupancy rates, taxis produce 70 per cent more carbon dioxide per passenger mile than a private car so their contribution towards a sustainable transport policy was ‘tenuous’.’
    • ‘ULTra is powered by electricity and uses 70 per cent less energy per passenger mile than cars.’
    • ‘Figures from the Commission for Integrated Transport show trains pump out less carbon dioxide - one of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming - per passenger mile than other forms of transport.’
    • ‘In its decision, the department noted that the three airlines accounted for 35 percent of revenue per passenger mile in the industry and that 3,214 of their routes overlapped.’
    • ‘Going by bus instead of by car cuts nitrogen oxide pollution by 25 percent, carbon monoxide by 80 percent and hydrocarbons by 90 percent per passenger mile.’
    • ‘Such savings helped lower AirTran's costs to 8.5 cents per available passenger mile, vs. 11 cents at Delta.’
    • ‘And since they use far less fuel per passenger mile than planes, they will also reduce the nation's dependence on imported oil.’
    • ‘The discounters enjoy costs as low as 6 cents per passenger mile, compared with more than 10 cents for Delta.’
    • ‘It was and is far safer to fly than to drive, per passenger mile.’
    • ‘It is, per passenger mile, probably the least cost-effective transport system in Europe.’
    • ‘Information does not exist about passenger miles or ton miles, or about the numbers of passengers who used various stations at various times to travel to whatever destinations.’
    • ‘This produces an estimate of about 660,000 passenger miles per annum, 186 per cent of all road passenger miles.’
    • ‘There are at least three measures available: passenger journeys, passenger miles and revenue.’
    • ‘Highways account for 90% of passenger miles traveled each year.’
    • ‘In reality, by 1998, the rate of 10 fatalities per billion passenger miles travelled was only a quarter of the peak attained by British Rail in 1987.’