Meaning of passenger pigeon in English:

passenger pigeon


  • An extinct long-tailed North American pigeon, noted for its long migrations in huge flocks. It was relentlessly hunted, the last individual dying in captivity in 1914.

    Ectopistes migratorius, family Columbidae

    ‘Some have become extinct, the great auk, the passenger pigeon and the famous dodo bird have all disappeared.’
    • ‘The euro may strengthen against the dollar, but I think the dollar and the euro share the same fate, like the passenger pigeon and the Carolina parakeet.’
    • ‘If we had been smarter, we'd still have the passenger pigeon and the Carolina parakeet.’
    • ‘‘Lost Passenger’ is a poem to the extinct passenger pigeon.’
    • ‘Although too late to save the passenger pigeon, which became extinct in 1914, they preserved the bison.’
    • ‘One of the most popular Delmonico's dishes was the passenger pigeon, which went extinct in 1914.’
    • ‘If the trend continues, soon enough the American hunter will be as extinct as the passenger pigeon.’
    • ‘As with other species whose populations humans have dramatically influenced - the passenger pigeon, the Canada goose, and the raccoon - whitetail deer have taught us how little we know about managing wildlife.’
    • ‘The last passenger pigeon in the wild was reportedly shot by a boy in Ohio in 1900.’
    • ‘The film is presented for the welfare of the world by the cheetah, the passenger pigeon and the dodo, which have become extinct.’
    • ‘The bison and the passenger pigeon were nearing extinction.’
    • ‘The passenger pigeon, once abundant in North American skies, was wiped out over a 50 year period at the end of the nineteenth century due to rapid deforestation and excessive hunting.’
    • ‘The passenger pigeon was an attractive bird with a blue back and a pink breast that existed in huge populations.’
    • ‘American fears of wholesale species extinction, triggered by the loss of the passenger pigeon and the precipitous decline of bison, conjoined humanitarians and sports hunters in a way without parallel in Britain.’
    • ‘In the nineteenth century, hunters eradicated the passenger pigeon, drove the American bison to the brink of extinction, and eliminated elk from much of the central Rockies.’
    • ‘The authors provide many examples of markets organizing the extinction of species, such as the passenger pigeon.’
    • ‘Remains of birds that migrated into Alabama in the fall, such as the passenger pigeon, were identified.’
    • ‘Animal resources historically thought inexhaustible, species like the passenger pigeon, the bison, and even the great whales themselves, have proved the most susceptible to over-exploitation or outright extinction.’
    • ‘Fuller's stories of marginal survivals, tiny populations and often quite absurdly-limited habitats are balanced by the story of the passenger pigeon which once ranged across the American plains in billions.’
    • ‘Birdlife International calls this the fastest bird species extinction in 150 years - the worst since the demise of the passenger pigeon.’