Meaning of passingly in English:



See passing

‘This week an Israeli security delegation paid a secretive visit to India which was passingly reported in both Indian and Israeli media unlike earlier occasions when such visits were accorded full glare of media attention.’
  • ‘Actually, I'm passingly familiar with some descendants of East India merchants, and such a description wouldn't be too far off the mark.’
  • ‘I don't think this adversely affected my ability to judge, given that I ended up comfortably in the middle of a majority decision, but it was something I was more than passingly aware of nonetheless.’
  • ‘This pathetic record was well known to every American who was passingly acquainted with current events as of September 11, 2001.’
  • ‘He's even courteous a lot of the time - at least when he's not apoplectic with rage - particularly to women, and he's passingly kind to the pet dog.’
  • ‘They'd stay firmly on their little perch, hunker down, and passingly wonder what on earth their children would think of them if they suddenly went off flying about.’
  • ‘In charting the travails of graduate school, Porter passingly notes another important personal development that is intimately connected to his educational life: He devotes only one paragraph to meeting his future wife at Yale.’
  • ‘I recall an afternoon in high school in 1980 when, joking with some friends, I passingly slid into such an accent depicting a person in their old age - you know, ‘Sonny’ and such.’
  • ‘For though he appreciated and was more than passingly acquainted with the standard repertory of the concert hall, he did not pretend to be a music critic.’
  • ‘Talking to her, watching her energy shift and flow, you can feel her hunger for connection, the drive that has made her, as she passingly called herself, ‘a storyteller.’’
  • ‘You argue against yourself, brother, and I find it to be more than passingly foolhardy.’
  • ‘I'm only passingly familiar with him, so I wasn't exactly sure what point this made here - is it related to convergence, or just the fact that another scientist supported him?’
  • ‘As a historian of labour and working class history in the United States, I confess to being only passingly familiar with the development of Australian labour history and at a disadvantage in reading these essays.’
  • ‘It was ridiculous, in her mind anyway, that she couldn't spend time with her two best friends at the same time because of some stupid comment made passingly in early December.’
  • ‘By the way, it's been interesting to note in this and other discussions on the web that generally those who are more than passingly familiar with the books are saying pretty much the same thing I am.’
  • ‘He refers passingly to a period of depression in his second year at university when ‘I lost confidence in myself.’’
  • ‘This Customer Service Representative was passingly familiar with Masters and Johnson and it helped.’
  • ‘And in all of this, risk is the key element that is only passingly mentioned in the various stories on this choice.’
  • ‘Looking down, he passingly wondered if the cut would leave a scar.’
  • ‘They would sort of passingly mention that I did a very nice job, but then just go to talk about the play.’