Meaning of passivation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpasɪˈveɪʃn/


See passivate

‘For the applicator, hexavalent chromium passivations are easy to use and can be bulk applied often by a single-stage immersion and are inexpensive to make-up and operate.’
  • ‘According to one report, General Motors will prohibit the use of hexavalent chromium passivations on its products beginning in 2002.’
  • ‘Totally non-chromium passivations have been under development for some time, and there exists a number of alternatives.’
  • ‘For example, manufacturers should document any bench testing conducted to assess electropolishing or passivation of the stent materials.’
  • ‘A single-source supplier of metal device fabrication services can mark and engrave medical and surgical components and provide in-house laser welding, electropolishing, and passivation.’
  • ‘Following underfill of the electronic module with a polymeric material, preferably an epoxy resin, the polyamine on the surface of the passivation reacts with the underfill material during curing of the underfill material.’
  • ‘These additions facilitate cathodic depolarization by providing sites of low hydrogen overvoltage, which shifts alloy potential in the noble direction where oxide film passivation is possible.’
  • ‘Anti-stiction coatings will prevent surfaces from sticking and can be thought of as a passivation method for mechanical devices analogous to the use of oxynitride passivation in the IC world.’
  • ‘Method for selective growth of Cu3Ge or Cu5Si for passivation of damascene copper structures and device are manufactured thereby’
  • ‘Ecolab also provides passivation programs that help extend the life of installed equipment.’
  • ‘This is called passivation, and both the Ariane upper stage and Japan's H - 1 second stage now dump their residual fuel in this manner.’
  • ‘The hybrid battery configuration affords ready access to high pulse current without passivation from a battery chemistry not known for pulse capability.’
  • ‘Semiconductor device structure with hydrogen-rich layer for facilitating passivation of surface states’
  • ‘This effect is related to the oxide layer used for passivation of the silicon surface.’
  • ‘After a passivation layer, including suitable diffusion barriers, has been laid over the structure, it is over-filled with a suitable soft metal (typically copper or one of its alloys) and then planarized in the usual way.’
  • ‘Since pitting corrosion is unacceptable for metallic implants, additional polishing or passivation treatments should be expected for 316L stainless-steel implants.’
  • ‘To prevent oxidation problems and still take advantage of the high recording density potential of MP media, metal particles used in DDS media are typically coated with a passivation layer material.’
  • ‘A passivation layer extends at least partially on the multilayer conductive stack opposite the epitaxial region, to define a bonding region on the multilayer conductive stack opposite the epitaxial region.’
  • ‘According to Dralla, the main benefit of Quicksilver over competing laser based systems is its ability to differentiate between different flaws such as passivation voids, scratches, metal shorts and debris.’
  • ‘The substrate is exposed to a conditioning solution of a fluorine source, a non-aqueous solvent, a complementary acid, and a surface passivation agent.’