Meaning of passiveness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpasɪvnɪs/

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‘They were well known for their political passiveness, a position supported by a deep-seated belief in impotency of ordinary folk in the face of political ambitions.’
  • ‘They have a poor memory, which is the direct result of their general passiveness in world politics, as well as their general apathy towards their immediate environment.’
  • ‘An increased awareness of the power of big business should provide an incentive to participate in the democratic process in order to end any passiveness on the part of the government.’
  • ‘In an environment where any passiveness will be rewarded with a thunderous blow to the body from an equally vicious opponent, such application is not just necessary, but beneficial.’
  • ‘Rose's impassioned speech against passiveness and for making a stand about what's right struck a chord, and the whole final episode was based around this one idea.’
  • ‘The one thing I'm taking away from this experience is that apathy and passiveness don't make anything better.’
  • ‘That passiveness is something I'm consciously working on changing.’
  • ‘We will wait for another nuclear explosion or Mandir-Masjid dispute to shake us out of our passiveness.’
  • ‘Reputation and wealth are also both signals of some underlying task performed that is of value to others, albeit noisy signals - chance, deception, and the passiveness of observers all play a part.’
  • ‘He said low genetic diversity is a natural part of the domestication process and that Dukha reindeer are selected for traits such as passiveness and strong backs that support saddles and riders.’
  • ‘I think it is never good to discourage kids from cutting from the standpoint that it is a good sign of offensive aggressiveness, which I always prefer to offensive passiveness.’
  • ‘The armed forces' passiveness towards the government's defense policies after the power transition is mainly a result of the following three problems.’
  • ‘She couldn't possibly struggle, she knew, or she'd jeopardize her intent there, and her passiveness was mistaken by Alex to be reciprocated passion.’
  • ‘The passiveness and peace of a matriarchy with the passion and drive and energy of a patriarchy is the best blend, and will ultimately create a society that can stand against anything.’
  • ‘Putti, his eyes bright from the fire, instantly noticed her passiveness, but he spoke nothing of it as he gazed proudly at her beside the fire.’
  • ‘His overaggressiveness on defense often landed him in foul trouble, and his passiveness on offense often caused him to be a nonfactor.’
  • ‘He becomes a practising mystic using wise passiveness and transcendental experience as methods of breaking his ego chains.’
  • ‘Women's bell-like tittering and men's droning passiveness filled the void my nervousness made.’
  • ‘One possible charge against the telco, however, might be passiveness in not doing more to warn customers against this danger.’
  • ‘It's really the passiveness that makes such a mess of things.’