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Pronunciation /ˈpɑːstə/

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  • 1A minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation, especially in some non-episcopal churches.

    ‘Christian priests, ministers, pastors, and deacons lead weekly services and conduct marriages and funerals.’
    • ‘Were that to happen, it would require that bishops be more fully what they are ordained to be, pastors of local churches charged with the tasks of teaching, sanctifying, and governing.’
    • ‘Unlike this bishop, church leaders, pastors and congregations need to create the opportunities for youth to discern their call to ministry.’
    • ‘Rarely does a congregation want the pastor to lead the church into an era of decline!’
    • ‘Family members, congregational members, pastors, and other church leaders are called to honor marriage.’
    • ‘They are deacons, women religious, or lay ministers who effectively serve as pastors of congregations, though they are unable to celebrate the Eucharist.’
    • ‘I quickly assured my new friend that we are a church of five pastors but that every member of our congregation is a minister!’
    • ‘Many pastors, youth ministers, elders, and parishioners effectively intervene to help such troubled families.’
    • ‘Once fully equipped with the teaching of God's Word, they go home and teach their local pastors and church workers in their own country so that they, too, can reach their own nation with the truth.’
    • ‘But there seems to be an increasingly widespread sense that we do not have enough good pastors to sustain congregational ministries at high levels.’
    • ‘At both churches the two congregations share the pastor and property.’
    • ‘At least this interpretation was how several pastors and ordinary church members understood the situation.’
    • ‘Similar comments were made by all the other pastors where I ministered.’
    • ‘As a bishop, she is pledged to uphold church law and file charges against pastors who openly defy it.’
    • ‘In another report, a pastor and his wife ministering in the southwestern city of Galle were riding in a bus when the tsunami first hit.’
    • ‘We would suggest that it is precisely those congregations and pastors who are already engaged in faithful and vital ministry who had the most to draw on in this time of crisis.’
    • ‘Many times church leaders or pastors may say that a ministry's goal is to change lives.’
    • ‘Sending or lending married pastors to Catholic churches is a generous ecumenical gesture.’
    • ‘Many of the scholars mentioned in your article are among our founding members, but the project involves pastors, lay church leaders, and social activists.’
    priest, minister, minister of religion, parson, clergyman, cleric, chaplain, padre, father, ecclesiastic, man of God, man of the cloth, churchman, preacher
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  • 2

    (also rosy pastor)
    another term for rose-coloured starling


[with object]
  • Be pastor of (a church or congregation)

    ‘he pastored Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto’
    • ‘he continued to study law while pastoring in Chelsea’
    • ‘I have never pastored large congregations nor preached to great numbers of people.’
    • ‘Prior to this he had pastored churches in Gloucestershire and Bedfordshire.’
    • ‘In large part, to talk about clergy deployment in the Episcopal church is to talk about pastoring congregations.’
    • ‘Yet, only 9 percent of these ordained women were pastoring churches.’
    • ‘In the last two years of his life, he became a Presbyterian, pastoring a church in Westchester, Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘So we came here and he's now pastoring the little church in the neighborhood,’ Jason said as he took a sip of his cocoa.’
    • ‘I think he is much more concerned with how I am loving my neighbors, caring for the sick, and pastoring the church in a way that honors Him.’
    • ‘As a young adult, I was involved in pastoring churches full time and part time in Michigan and Kansas City.’
    • ‘After attending Mercer University and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he pastored churches in both the North and the South between 1903 and 1917.’
    • ‘He graduated in 1931 and pastored a small church in Covington, Georgia, before returning to preach at Atlanta's Westminster Presbyterian Church.’
    • ‘Her great-grandfather pastored that congregation.’
    • ‘I pastored a church in England back in the '80s, moved back to the States at the end of the '80s and my brother had been doing children's theatre.’
    • ‘And the women who pastored churches in the Southern Baptist Convention make up 1/10 of one percent.’
    • ‘He pastored small churches in Kentucky for over fifty-seven years - from the time that he commenced studies at Southern.’
    • ‘I have pastored churches all through Neshoba County for over fifty years.’
    • ‘He has pastored churches in Northern California and Oregon but we moved back to retire here, our home.’
    • ‘Having pastored churches in both Wetaskiwin and Steinbach, let me state my opinions based upon my experience.’
    • ‘In 1959 Andrew was ordained as a minister and has served the Lord faithfully in different ministries, pastoring churches in Mexico and Texas.’
    • ‘She graduated from New Brunswick last May and is pastoring Greenpoint Reformed Church in Brookyln, New York.’
    • ‘I am a licensed Vineyard pastor, pastoring an American Baptist church on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona.’


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French pastour, from Latin pastor ‘shepherd’, from past- ‘fed, grazed’, from the verb pascere.