Main meanings of pate in English

: pate1pâte2pâté3


Pronunciation /peɪt/

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archaic, humorous
  • A person's head.

    ‘he scratched his balding pate’
    • ‘In a survey of female students at UW, an overwhelming 92 per cent preferred a shaved head to a balding pate.’
    • ‘He didn't want to have to deal with this now, but he had to, as a father, or even worse, as a spouse, so he scratched his balding pate and made his way upstairs wearily.’
    • ‘Where once there were balding pates, Farah slacks and a few stiff upper lips, now there are highlights, designer gear and a whole lot of attitude.’
    • ‘The architect from the West Coast was loaded with potential till I glimpsed at a picture of his balding pate.’
    • ‘The advisor pulled back his cowl, and his balding pate, though thick of long, dark hair, shone in the torch-light.’
    • ‘Theron proves a master of the ad-lib gag, for example using the balding pate of a granddad in the audience as a mirror to fix his make-up.’
    • ‘He seemed to be in his sixties, with a balding pate and wrinkled face.’
    • ‘His pate was balding for a young man, but it curled up at the back, and he had fought it down with slicking tonic and a good comb.’
    • ‘Francesca stared down at his balding pate as he returned the last of the paintings to its folder and fastened the string that bound it together.’
    • ‘They keep the rain from pouring down your neck, the sun off your balding pate, and they retain vital heat in cold conditions.’
    • ‘The packed house of devotees who grew up with Blondie are dancing on their seats, and the view from the balcony confirms that all the grey heads and shiny pates are lapping up the performance.’
    • ‘He writes, ‘Wonder Boys brought in a meager $18.7 million earlier this year - leaving many in the media scratching their pates.’’
    • ‘Which must count for something if you live a life cloistered from actual feeling and when regular people aren't nearly as interesting as arcane books intended to be endlessly deconstructed by gray pates.’
    • ‘Unlike the previous years, this year the idols' pates have been decorated with white intricately designed frills called ‘dakarsaj.’’
    • ‘But, then again, I might be rapturously anticipating my life as a sunbeam, singing tra-las to the season of mists and kissing the pates of the ludicrous.’
    • ‘One thing's for sure: a lot of makeup was required to get the shine off three-fifths of the players' pates tonight.’
    • ‘Men are allowed to remain as their eye bags droop, and their pates become shinier.’
    • ‘Yes, he does look older after two years as a manager and if his head weren't shaved, it's a fair bet that the grey hairs would be prominently camped out across his pate.’
    • ‘So, be proud of your pate, keep any hair you may have well cut and don't try spreading it about as a ‘disguise’.’
    • ‘Walking on the black sand was hotter than we'd expected and James soon complained the sun was scalding his pate.’
    skull, cranium, crown


Middle English of unknown origin.

Main meanings of pâte in English

: pate1pâte2pâté3


Pronunciation /pɑːt/

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mass noun
  • The paste of which porcelain is made.


Mid 19th century French, literally ‘paste’.

Main meanings of pâté in English

: pate1pâte2pâté3


Pronunciation /ˈpateɪ/

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mass noun
  • A rich, savoury paste made from finely minced or mashed ingredients, typically seasoned meat or fish.

    ‘salmon pâté’
    • ‘home-made sausages and pâtés’
    • ‘The boards in question offered such starters as scallops wrapped in pancetta, black pudding and bacon salad, duck-liver pâté, moules marinières, two home-made soups and a few other things, all under a fiver.’
    • ‘A gentle, embracing sweetness is baked into Bubba's chicken with chicken-liver pâté and mashed potatoes.’
    • ‘I tried Parma ham, figs, prosciutto and pâté in the late Thirties, things the average family wouldn't taste until 30 years later.’
    • ‘The chief meat-eater among us opted for the assiette de charcuterie, a dish of ham, pork and salami with chicken pâté, served with oatcakes and olives.’
    • ‘The close texture and mild flavour of lean, minced veal makes it a valuable ingredient in many pâtés, galantines, and stuffings, besides showing to advantage in such dishes as veal loaf.’
    • ‘Ward against listeriosis by avoiding blue-veined, mould-ripened cheeses, pâtés, ready-made salads and soft-whip ice creams until the birth.’
    • ‘For a taste of all sorts of house specialties, the Composition is the way to go, featuring a savoury spinach terrine, homemade veggie pâté with a hint of curry, nutty hummus, Brie, salsa, and a thick pesto spread.’
    • ‘There are seven menus, including vegetarian options; each pack contains a breakfast, main meal - stew, pâté or lamb curry being examples of what you get - and a pudding plus the core soups, snacks and drinks all packed in the same carton.’
    • ‘The list doesn't end there, though, with pâté de campagne, Brie, oka, St-Paulin, roast pork, pâté de foie, garlic sausage, and many others also available.’
    • ‘The book covers an impressive array of recipes for soups, sauces, hors d' oeuvre, egg dishes, fish, red meat, poultry, foie gras, game, pâtés, vegetables, cheese, fruits, baked goods, candy, entremets, ice-creams and preserves.’
    • ‘It is bliss, Lindsay House, a set of elegant Georgian rooms where you can eat a menu that is both seasonal and resolutely un-modish: braised hare with polenta, rabbit terrine, pike and eel pâté, braised chicken with colcannon.’
    • ‘Into them goes a mixture of Asian and non-Asian ingredients: a choice of meats, strips of lightly pickled carrot and radish, fresh cilantro sprigs and tasty spreads like pâté or seasoned mayo.’
    • ‘However, as I was seeking some bread to go with my salad and duck pâté with champagne and truffles (yes, it tastes as good as it sounds), I thought to myself.’
    • ‘The Hippie déconfit was a hearty, toothsome choice, almost a mini-buffet of veggie pâté, guacamole, slices of white cheddar and a tomato coulis.’
    • ‘Try the Gamekeeper's tea (venison, duck and pheasant pâté with toast) at this seriously good tea shop.’
    • ‘Then, in about 1982, a shop opened up in Bantry selling smoked ham and salami and pâté, which was unbelievable for us.’
    • ‘The sandwiches cost $4, and you can choose from veggie pâté, chèvre, Swiss cheese, grilled tofu or bocconcini.’
    • ‘Sometimes it seems as if pregnancy is just a long list of things you mustn't do: don't smoke, don't drink, don't eat shellfish, pâté, unpasteurised cheeses, tuna, mayonnaise, junk food or, in fact, anything remotely interesting.’
    • ‘Frankly, calling A Christmas Wish a holiday classic is a lot like referring to dog food as gourmet forcemeat pâté.’
    • ‘Instant marinades, using brandy or Madeira, are used for the ingredients of pâtés and terrines.’
    pulp, puree, mush, paste, pâté, crush, slush, liquid


French, from Old French paste ‘pie of seasoned meat’.