Meaning of patency in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpeɪtənsi/


mass noun
  • 1Medicine
    The condition of being open or unobstructed.

    ‘the procedure was successful in restoring the patency of the fallopian tubes’
    • ‘patency rates’
    • ‘Because of the poor prognosis, palliative methods are needed to maintain airway patency.’
    • ‘Most patients will maintain airway patency although some may require intubation with mechanical ventilation.’
    • ‘But the possibility of natural conception depends on the tubal patency and ovulatory function.’
    • ‘In 80-90 % of cases it is successful in restoring the patency of at least one fallopian tube.’
    • ‘We also found that nasal patency decreased as room temperatures increased.’
    1. 1.1The condition of showing detectable parasite infection.
      • ‘a complication, once patency is established in the bitch, is contamination of the environment with eggs’