Meaning of paternity suit in English:

paternity suit


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mainly North American
  • A court case held to establish formally the identity of a child's father.

    ‘About a year after we married, my husband told me he was being sued in a paternity suit having to do with a one-night stand before we met.’
    • ‘At various times he has been charged with assault and resisting arrest; he has been hit with a paternity suit.’
    • ‘The driving incident came after the rapper went off in a courtroom in an earlier incident after being served with a paternity suit.’
    • ‘They also dwelt on a lengthy paternity suit in which he was declared the father of the actress' child.’
    • ‘It wasn't until the family filed a paternity suit against him that Grant paid attention.’
    • ‘And while the case has been rescheduled for October 13, a woman from Maryland showed up at the court to hit the rapper with a paternity suit.’
    • ‘Despite the gleefully lecherous characters he portrayed on his show, he was never involved in any scandal or made the subject of a paternity suit.’
    • ‘Now all Hal can think about is the paternity suit that he is sure she will file and that will destroy his marriage and his life.’
    • ‘Similar to a paternity suit, the owners must prove they do not know which horse sired the foal.’
    • ‘Nine years of extravagance, fair-weather friends, a stock market crash, a paternity suit and a devastating gambling addiction have left the 38-year-old man nearly penniless.’
    • ‘And maybe contest the occasional paternity suit.’
    • ‘Commentators use it as their only means of identification, kids scream it to plead for autographs and mistresses need it for their paternity suit claims.’
    • ‘Then there was the embarrassing, if unsuccessful, paternity suit stemming from an affair that he had with a former furniture store employee decades earlier.’
    • ‘There have been no very publicly pursued paternity suits or divorce settlements plastered all over the tabloids.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a few men fighting paternity suits have argued, so far unsuccessfully, that ‘forced parenthood’ denies men equal protection.’
    • ‘And finally, the legal issues with paternity suits and visitation rights have all been taken care of with anonymous donors.’
    • ‘The one notable exception was in paternity suits.’
    • ‘This ability to sequence another's DNA is going to have interesting ramifications for paternity suits.’
    • ‘New Zealand women become pregnant to members of a visiting force, and paternity suits and things like that ensue.’
    • ‘Consider how inequitable and barbaric we would now consider the immunity that Victorian politicians and gentlemen would have enjoyed if accused in paternity suits by milkmaids or prostitutes.’