Meaning of pathologization in English:



(also British pathologisation)

See pathologize

‘He did not reference the discourses of religion, psychiatry, or biology - discourses that have historically been integral to the pathologization of homosexuality.’
  • ‘I'm torn over the pathologization of high-tech interruptions.’
  • ‘What is important to keep in mind is that the pathologization of sexual deviance is everywhere and at all times a function of power enacted over pleasure.’
  • ‘The pervasive pathologization of the healthy workings of the female reproductive system irks me to a great degree, and I applaud the authors for challenging it.’
  • ‘Biographical pathologization of Joplin's sexuality also seems linked to selective emphasis, focusing prominently on Joplin's fatal relationship with heroin and Caserta, while minimizing other less volatile relationships.’