Meaning of pathologize in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈθɒlədʒʌɪz/


(also British pathologise)
[with object]
  • Regard or treat as psychologically abnormal.

    ‘most of the older theories pathologize same-sex attraction’
    • ‘‘It's important that we don't pathologize Aboriginal people,’ she adds.’
    • ‘We need to take psychiatrically labeled people in our communities seriously, not patronize or pathologize them.’
    • ‘They cannot champion gun ownership or housewifery because their theories pathologize those choices.’
    • ‘Mention your magick, and one therapist will be fascinated, and another will pathologize you.’
    • ‘What role do state institutions play in shaping identities and constructing beliefs about deviance that privilege some groups and pathologize others?’
    • ‘They pathologize and depoliticize her actions, reducing her self-protection to an overreaction to a sexual encounter.’
    • ‘Some critics even contend that too many characteristics or quirks are being pathologized - labeled abnormal - to make money.’
    • ‘Yet this pathologizing of elements of human experience begs the question: What makes heavy drug or alcohol use, long-term sadness, or heightened anxiety a disease?’
    • ‘This is pathologizing the trivial and the mundane.’
    • ‘Today's talk of autism is not a new pathologizing of human behavior, just a new perspective on the origin of pathology.’
    • ‘They're guilty of being fooled by her lies, but they're not guilty of pathologizing normal behavior.’
    • ‘Cultures youth create are criminalized, pathologized, shut down, and silenced, and the powers that be start worrying about losing control of the youth.’
    • ‘Some of what would have been considered normal childhood behavior - squirming, being moody - is now pathologized.’
    • ‘‘All of the discourse about fatness is about pathologizing the individual,’ she said in an interview, also likening it to the eugenics movement.’
    • ‘These authors and attachment theorists emphasize that one of the most powerful negative effects of patriarchy has been the pathologizing of dependency.’
    • ‘She responds by pathologizing rather than exploring the mystery at the heart of her subject.’
    • ‘Besides, titles like that would succeed in pathologizing them, and I don't want that.’
    • ‘Here he found much less intolerance and pathologizing of his behaviors and differences.’
    • ‘Instead, this thinking pathologizes minority cultures by demarcating a center and the ethnic margins.’
    • ‘Medication both subdues and pathologizes women's complaints.’