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Pronunciation /ˈpeɪʃnt/

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  • Able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

    ‘be patient, your time will come’
    • ‘a patient and painstaking approach’
    • ‘The people of Gloucester must have been affected by the patient suffering of their pastor.’
    • ‘The Foss Basin is always a safe bet at this time of year and pike anglers have been reaping the rewards of a patient approach.’
    • ‘This time, they are taking a more patient approach.’
    • ‘You never have been able to handle the fact that I'm more patient than you.’
    • ‘It was awesome working with him, he is a very cool and patient dude.’
    • ‘He wasn't the most calm and patient person in the world when it came to matters of the heart.’
    • ‘He plays a patient game from the back of the court and the approach edges him close to claiming the first set.’
    • ‘For some less patient diners this can actually be a blessing as it cuts down the time spent perusing the options.’
    • ‘He likes challenge and experimentation, but he is also a patient professional.’
    • ‘His relaxed, patient attitude does not always sit well with people in a hurry.’
    • ‘Jackie is noted for his very patient style and believes in encouraging students every step of the way.’
    • ‘The glossy surface, apparently built up from a patient succession of thin glazes, is exactly in her manner.’
    • ‘It's become hard to imagine anyone else pulling off such stubborn, patient beauty.’
    • ‘If you are slow and patient it is possible to get quite near to them, and this was certainly the closest either of us had been to a shark in a long time.’
    • ‘In any case, the learning situation must be an active one, and thus a patient one.’
    forbearing, uncomplaining, tolerant, long-suffering, resigned, stoical
    persevering, persistent, tenacious, diligent, assiduous, indefatigable, dogged, determined, resolved, resolute, obstinate, insistent, single-minded, purposeful, pertinacious
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  • 1A person receiving or registered to receive medical treatment.

    ‘many patients in the hospital were more ill than she was’
    • ‘This could also open the way for hospitals to start charging patients for treatment.’
    • ‘Hospital chiefs insist no patient suffered worse treatment because of the scandal.’
    • ‘It could see patients being banned from treatment for up to a year in severe cases.’
    • ‘Everything pertaining to the patient's medical care should be clearly documented.’
    • ‘Just like any doctor, we take a patient's medical details and allergies before a consultation.’
    • ‘Critically ill, morbidly obese patients present serious challenges to physicians treating them.’
    • ‘They were able to define three clinical characteristics that put hospitalized heart failure patients at greatest risk of mortality.’
    • ‘We enrolled 272 consecutive patients who were referred to the participating investigators for preoperative consultation.’
    • ‘Today's surgical patient often is discharged with wounds that require nursing care at home.’
    • ‘The goal was to recruit 400 depressed patients hospitalized for heart attack or angina.’
    • ‘What are your observations regarding the few AIDS patients undergoing treatment in Burundi?’
    • ‘An AIDS patient receives antiretroviral drugs in a Kenyan hospital.’
    • ‘Four days later, this immunosuppressed patient developed a sore swollen tongue.’
    • ‘Not all beta blockers are equally tolerated by patients with chronic heart failure.’
    • ‘An acute shortage of human organs means that many patients die waiting for transplants, however.’
    • ‘Some patients who respond well initially develop tolerance to the injections.’
    • ‘Only one patient with severe persistent asthma was not receiving an asthma controller medication.’
    • ‘A search of records indicated that the remaining 29 patients were still alive one year after discharge.’
    • ‘Patients in the intervention group completed a questionnaire immediately after viewing the programme.’
    • ‘The test also has limited usefulness for patients with diabetes and end-stage renal disease.’
    sick person, case, sufferer, victim
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  • 2Linguistics
    The semantic role of a noun phrase denoting something that is affected or acted upon by the action of a verb.


Middle English from Old French, from Latin patient- ‘suffering’, from the verb pati.