Meaning of patrilocality in English:



See patrilocal

‘Interestingly, a high level of polygyny and extreme patrilocality have been proposed as probable causes of the low Y-chromosome and high mtDNA diversity observed in West New Guinea populations.’
  • ‘Patrilineality and patrilocality are more important among the western Enga, whereas multilocality is the norm for the Ipili.’
  • ‘That idea was based on a common marriage practice called patrilocality, wherein women tended to move from their natal village to their husbands' village.’
  • ‘In North Pentecost, the spiralling relationships that oscillate between matriliny and patrilocality present women with a double burden.’
  • ‘This study was designed to measure the degree of Y-chromosome structure on a global scale and to test the global applicability of the patrilocality hypothesis.’