Meaning of patriotically in English:



See patriotic

‘I knew this had been done before, but I'm patriotically Scottish, so it appealed to me for that reason, as did the scale of it.’
  • ‘Referring patriotically to our national heritage and history, he suggested that the seized items be surrendered to the state and placed in museums.’
  • ‘Some of those waiting, patriotically dressed in red, complained about the poor organisation of the ticket sales and lack of police control.’
  • ‘The Japanese and Koreans adopted the Chinese civilization early on, but they remain patriotically Japanese and Korean.’
  • ‘The Canadians also fought proudly and patriotically in war.’



/ˌpatrɪˈɒtɪkli/ /ˌpeɪtrɪˈɒtɪkli/