Meaning of patrolman in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈtrəʊlman/

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nounplural noun patrolmen

North American
  • A patrolling police officer.

    ‘there was a patrolman on the steps to keep the curious away’
    • ‘Instead of arriving at the central police station, the patrolman pulled into a satellite station.’
    • ‘It got so bad that 12 patrolmen and two police dogs were kept on duty outside the home for several days.’
    • ‘This way, if a call was made by a patrolman and a patrol wagon was sent, the officers aboard the wagon were able to listen for the ringing alarm.’
    • ‘In January 1969 he joined the Washington Metropolitan Police Department as a patrolman.’
    • ‘But police say a sharp-eyed patrolman helped prevent a much larger tragedy there.’
    • ‘Police radioed other patrolmen in the area to set up a road block.’
    • ‘Concerned for both her safety, and that of other road users, the patrolman then called police.’
    • ‘So she borrowed a highway patrolman's radar gun.’
    • ‘The largest remaining problem was with the method used by the station to contact the patrolman, whether he was on a car or on foot.’
    • ‘Finally, a retired highway patrolman monitoring a police scanner slowed the suspect by using his car to block the suspect on a small residential road.’
    • ‘These tests nearly mirror those given by highway patrolmen to suspected drunk drivers during roadside stops.’
    • ‘Why is a police surveillance camera on a public street any more intrusive than a patrolman stationed on the corner?’
    • ‘A few years later, the NYPD instituted the ‘mutual transfer,’ in which two patrolmen simply switched precincts.’
    • ‘He dismissed well-trained officers from the police, appointing former bodyguards or even patrolmen in their stead to head up the force.’
    • ‘Obscure precincts continued to need a full complement of patrolmen.’
    • ‘A patrolman should do duty in his home precinct, one said, ‘because he is more familiar with conditions’.’
    • ‘Again, we're expecting an additional 80 highway patrolmen in here.’
    • ‘PPOs themselves were recruited from the ranks of patrolmen.’
    • ‘He could already hear the sounds of patrolmen, calling out over the stretch of nothingness, flashing their lights every which way.’
    • ‘Others have referred to them as undocumented border patrolmen.’
    patrolman, patrolwoman, sentinel, sentry, garrison, defender