Meaning of patty in English:


(also pattie)

Pronunciation /ˈpati/

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  • 1A small flat cake of minced or finely chopped food, especially meat.

    ‘The burgers consist of chicken or beef patties sandwiched between two rice cakes.’
    • ‘To test for taste, make a small patty of the meat mixture and sauté until cooked.’
    • ‘We started with the meat patty, as that was a simple round.’
    • ‘Using the same pan, fry a small patty of the meat mixture and taste to test the seasoning.’
    • ‘To freeze ground meat, shape into patties and wrap individually.’
    • ‘She put three frozen hamburger patties into the microwave to defrost them.’
    • ‘Form a ground beef patty and throw it on the grill.’
    • ‘The man held out both hands, a cooked hamburger patty in one and the shirt in the other.’
    • ‘"I always come out here, " I said eating my chicken patty.’
    • ‘Most specialise in such Caribbean favourites as chicken jerky, spicy meat patties and sweetened fried banana.’
    • ‘Then after the beach I went home and cooked, burger patties and roast potatoes!’
    • ‘You also can buy prepared soy burger patties.’
    • ‘I've since worked out that the same principle works well for hamburger patties.’
    • ‘The sensory characteristics of broiled and grilled bison patties were evaluated by a trained sensory panel.’
    • ‘I ordered my usual - two eggs, two pancakes, two sausage patties.’
    • ‘He returned a few minutes later with my sausage patties on another plate.’
    • ‘Place patties on grill and cook five minutes per side or until golden brown.’
    • ‘Place patties on grill and cook about eight minutes per side or until cooked through.’
    • ‘One fellow worked the grill, cooking the patties.’
    • ‘The cooking time for the grilled patties was significantly shorter than for the broiled patties.’
    1. 1.1British A small pie or pasty.
      ‘The other day mention was being made of plantain tarts and patties on board.’
      • ‘I push the pastry down loosely into the patty tins.’
      • ‘Jan also makes a delicious range of flans, wraps, fritters and patties in the kitchen of her River Bank Road home.’
      • ‘Samaoas are carefully constructed coconut patties with caramel and an intricate chocolate design.’
      • ‘Fry the patties in a thin layer of sunflower oil until nicely golden.’
      • ‘We went nuts for the Key Lime Pie and of course, the coconut patties.’
      • ‘If you're lucky, you'll visit on warm-coconut-rice-cake day, a small rice and coconut patty accompanied by a fresh oval slice of sweet mango.’
      pastry, flan, tartlet, quiche, strudel
  • 2North American A small round flat chocolate-covered peppermint sweet.

    ‘A man was eating a peppermint patty on his porch and he was shocked by his implantable cardioverter defibrillator, and guess what he doesn't like to eat anymore?’
    • ‘So when I needed a little sugary fix, I always knew that I could stop by my mother's house and grab a licorice twist or peppermint patty.’
    • ‘Suffice to say, I didn't land the job but I had oodles of fun that day, including leaving a dish of individually-wrapped peppermint patties behind for everyone on the interview panel to enjoy!’
    • ‘Follow the cake directions, substituting halved jelly beans for the spots and a small mint patty for the head.’
    • ‘But I left it up to Jackson and he chose strawberry ice cream with peppermint patties mixed in.’


Mid 17th century alteration of French pâté, by association with pasty.