Meaning of patulous in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpatjʊləs/


  • 1literary (especially of the branches of a tree) spreading.

    • ‘I found him on a remote bench beneath a patulous tree’
    1. 1.1technical Open; expanded.
      ‘Apnea, snoring, unusual sleeping positions, daytime somnolence, obesity and a patulous uvula with erythema are all associated with obstructive sleep apnea.’
      • ‘Other theories include the ‘sniff theory’ proposed by Magnuson in which sniffing in the presence of patulous Eustachaian tube results in air being ‘sucked out’ of the middle ear.’
      • ‘In contrast, SFT is characterized by a less even distribution of blood vessels that are variably angulated or thin walled and patulous.’
      • ‘A patulous patch is preferable to prevent later stenosis.’


Early 17th century from Latin patulus (from patere ‘be or lie open’) + -ous.