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mass noun
  • A television service in which viewers are required to pay a fee in order to watch a specific programme.

    as modifier ‘pay-per-view movies’
    • ‘The wrestling event was televised live on pay-per-view cable television and was seen around the country.’
    • ‘Erik was out running and Kallie and Nick were back at the hotel, watching pay-per-view on the hotel television.’
    • ‘You also lose the ability to order pay-per-view programs and watch movies and other shows on demand.’
    • ‘This will become more, not less, important as clubs begin to toy with private, pay-per-view television.’
    • ‘Early hopes that pay-per-view television would provide a crock of gold proved to be over optimistic.’
    • ‘I curled up on the couch next to Jordan, and we found a movie on pay-per-view to watch.’
    • ‘TiVo's jumped the gun, introducing similar copy controls on pay-per-view and VoD programming.’
    • ‘There is even the ability to record pay-per-view films and events on digital satellite.’
    • ‘The pay-per-view movie would be on, but nobody would be watching it.’
    • ‘Some of these journals are free and some require subscriptions or pay-per-view.’
    • ‘This goes for any variables you change in the template, such as offering pay-per-view movies.’
    • ‘Registered users can access the site free, except for some educational programs that are pay-per-view.’
    • ‘They found a pay-per-view movie to watch, a chickflick, by Jade's request.’
    • ‘This is unlike traditional pay-per-view, where the consumer must watch the movie at a fixed time.’
    • ‘This service would then track your access to pay-per-view or subscription sites and forward payment on your behalf as necessary.’
    • ‘For pay-per-view channels, the World Cup would be a financial bonanza and would make it the most lucrative event shown on British TV.’
    • ‘An insider confided that the promoters are shooting for 40,000 pay-per-view buyers in the United States.’
    • ‘Then, a couple of months ago, it was playing on cable pay-per-view.’
    • ‘Set against that figure, no doubt, would be revenue from sponsors, advertisers and pay-per-view.’
    • ‘A pay-per-view version of this kind of technology could well be the future of the home movie channel.’