Meaning of pay-to-play in English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting an arrangement in which a charge must be paid to play a game or sport.

    ‘both municipal courses are also available on a pay-to-play basis’
    • ‘all the games are pay-to-play’
    • ‘a pay-to-play pool table’
    • ‘According to a coach based in Philadelphia, US soccer is moving away from a pay-to-play model in youth soccer.’
    • ‘The NFL launched its own pay-to-play competitions, with memorabilia as trophies.’
    • ‘The new pay-to-play video site soft-launched today.’
    • ‘Free-to-play has been on the rise, continually, for the last six years, with players - and oddly, revenue - both surpassing those of pay-to-play games.’
    • ‘Why subscribe to two or three pay-to-play MMOs when there's only so much time to put into whichever is selected?’
    • ‘They play on a pay-to-play basis.’
    • ‘We couldn't make a pay-to-play game as "nobody" pays for mobile games anymore.’
    • ‘The free-to-play (F2P) revenue model continues to dominate over pay-to-play games.’
    1. 1.1US (especially in politics) relating to or denoting a situation in which payment is demanded, often illegally, from those wishing to take part in a particular business activity.
      ‘a pay-to-play scandal haunts the hundred-billion-dollar state pension fund’
      • ‘New Jersey recently established rules against pay-to-play practices at its state pension fund.’
      • ‘The councilman is sponsoring a bill meant to address pay-to-play by severely limiting contributions from vendors who receive no-bid contracts.’
      • ‘He is a pay-to-play governor, which, given our system of campaign finance, is all perfectly legal.’
      • ‘Government watchdog groups who have followed the negotiations praised the Council's efforts to curb so-called pay-to-play contributions.’
      • ‘During his first year as mayor, the issue of pay-to-play bubbled to the surface more than once.’
      • ‘I reject and denounce pay-to-play politics and have no involvement whatsoever in any wrongdoing.’
      • ‘After a year of pay-to-play investigations in City Hall, prosecutors have yet to prove any links between campaign fund-raising and lucrative city contracts.’
      • ‘Congress for so long has operated on a pay-to-play system, where those with the deepest pockets have the loudest voice.’
      • ‘He believes the public is finally fed up with the pay-to-play culture that has dominated the city's politics for decades.’
      • ‘I did not know that the governor and his cronies were attempting to use the process to extort money and favors in a brazen pay-to-play scheme.’