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pay attention

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  • Take notice of someone or something.

    ‘students used to know how to pay attention, even when the lecture was boring’
    • ‘if you pay attention to one thing, you have to ignore something else’
    • ‘you've never paid that much attention to her opinions’
    • ‘In my frantic sprint to reach the girl in time, I hadn't been paying attention to the ground below me.’
    • ‘No wonder big media have started to pay attention.’
    • ‘To avoid cuts, you've really got to pay attention.’
    • ‘Somewhere east of the Mojave Desert my mother began to urge her brood to pay attention to the landscape.’
    • ‘Some of his best poems begin simply with the act of listening, of readiness to be astonished, of paying attention.’
    • ‘Some communities have only recently begun paying attention to the debate.’
    • ‘Like a determined sleuth, I followed the sound, hardly paying attention to the ground where I walked.’
    • ‘The press demand the public pay attention to them.’
    • ‘Learning about the environment meant paying attention to don't litter signs.’
    • ‘The guys who aren't profitable aren't paying attention to the business end of things.’
    listen, be attentive, attend, concentrate on, concentrate on hearing, give ear to, lend an ear to
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