Meaning of pay grade in English:

pay grade

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  • A grade or level on a pay scale.

    ‘workers are to be balloted by the union for a proposed strike over the secretaries' pay grades’
    • ‘The salaries of the remaining employees will be cut with the size of the cut depending on the pay grade.’
    • ‘With time, he'll work his way into a higher pay grade with more responsibility.’
    • ‘The last cycle promoted more than 24,000 Sailors to their next pay grade.’
    • ‘The top of their pay grade is a paltry £13,500.’
    • ‘There are clearly gains from trade to be had by handing that unfortunate job off to someone at a lower pay grade.’
    • ‘They concluded that drug users advanced less rapidly in pay grade than nonusers.’
    • ‘The new offer means that from this April the pay grade will start at £4.60 an hour for new workers.’
    • ‘They operate without taxpayer dollars, basing rates for the facilities by rank and pay grade of the visiting service member.’
    • ‘Cook joined the Marines as a grunt, at the lowest pay grade.’
    • ‘The contract also reclassifies secretaries, library and teaching assistants in a higher pay grade.’
    • ‘Our efforts examine workforce characteristics such as occupational specialty, experience and retirement eligibility, educational attainment and pay grade.’
    • ‘Brad and I overlapped at Treasury - and his pay grade was much higher than mine.’
    • ‘I vowed never again to let anyone talk me into doing something dumb, no matter how much they outranked me by pay grade or flight time.’
    • ‘It could perhaps up her pay grade a bit.’
    • ‘The ordnanceman picked for the award is usually from the E-5 or E-6 pay grade with 9 to 13 years of active duty service.’
    • ‘Two dozen of those firefighters were seeking enhanced pension because they reported injury while filling in for a superior at a higher pay grade.’
    • ‘Charles's intelligence, such as it is, exceeds his pay grade.’
    • ‘"Nobody told me my waiver had an expiration date or was good through only a certain pay grade," she said.’
    • ‘But what really did it for me was the day they told me what my pay grade was.’
    • ‘She then retaliated against the offender and moved her from a $1.53/day pay grade to $1.03/day pay grade.’


    be above one's pay grade
    • Be above one's level of responsibility or outside one's sphere of expertise.

      ‘such decisions were above his pay grade’
      • ‘most of this cybersecurity stuff is way beyond my pay grade’
      • ‘He said the matter "really is beyond my pay grade."’
      • ‘My guess is the "above the pay grade" answer will go out the window.’
      • ‘You know, that's really above my pay grade.’
      • ‘To quote somebody famous, that's above my pay grade.’
      • ‘That's about 10 levels above our pay grade.’
      • ‘He fudged: "Answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade."’
      • ‘Click here for details; the statistics involved in this argument are above my pay grade.’
      • ‘To use the military jargon, that's above my pay grade.’
      • ‘Answers to these questions are above my pay grade, I'm afraid.’
      • ‘Num Sum provides basic spreadsheet functions - all I need, since 95% of Excel is above my pay grade.’
      • ‘Well, yes, these are all problems that are way above my pay grade.’
      • ‘It turns out it is above the pay grade of a posse member to suggest such things.’
      • ‘A retro drive toward the Catskills on Wednesday, with Chopin (way above my customary cultural pay grade) playing on the radio, had its pleasures.’
      • ‘This isn't my subject and I am venturing way beyond my pay grade.’
      • ‘I'm afraid that's, as they say in the military, "over my pay grade."’
      • ‘But that was above my pay grade.’
      • ‘But because the military is a tool of the civilian leadership and its policies, such decisions are ultimately "above the pay grade" of any uniformed officer.’
      • ‘Staff officers provide the commander with an overwhelming amount of information unless they have learned to analyze the information at a skills level previously above their pay grade.’
      • ‘I believe that there were some system failures that were certainly beyond his pay grade, and that he simply did not have the authority to make decisions or not make decisions.’
      • ‘That's a policy decision. Frankly, it's above my pay grade.’