Meaning of pay it forward in English:

pay it forward


  • Respond to a person's kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.

    ‘I will take the support I have had and try to pay it forward whenever I can’
    • ‘You'll get your chance to pay it forward.’
    • ‘I'm a big believer in the whole pay it forward idea.’
    • ‘Rather than accepting her money, Hyde told the motorist to "pay it forward to somebody else."’
    • ‘Stay honest, stay tight, pick your friends up when they fall and pay it forward.’
    • ‘Helping three people might be easy, but asking them to pay it forward isn't.’
    • ‘I wish I was in a position to help them out, but I will take the support I have had and try to pay it forward whenever I can.’
    • ‘Trevor will perform three acts of unsolicited kindness with the only requirement being that each recipient of his goodwill must "pay it forward" to three other people.’
    • ‘I truly believe when people do nice things for others, they will pay it forward.’
    • ‘One boy decides to do a good deed and thereby create a ripple effect by asking the beneficiaries of his kindness to pay it forward by helping others.’
    • ‘Of course, as Girlfriend suggests, the ultimate way to bless yourself is to bless others (aka pay it forward).’
    • ‘Louise reminds us to pay the kindness forward after recounting a story about a friend of hers whose Harbour Bridge toll was paid for by the guy in the car in front of her who told the toll booth operator she had to pay it forward one day.’
    • ‘I have been the recipient of a pay it forward type act recently and although in this particular instance I will pay it back, it has also strengthened my resolution to pay it forward.’
    • ‘If you can walk out of the hospital and you are well enough to get in a car - any car and *drive* it, you should thank your lucky stars and pay it forward.’