Meaning of pay lip service to in English:

pay lip service to


  • Express approval of or support for (something) insincerely or without taking any significant action.

    ‘they pay lip service to equality but they don't want to do anything about it’
    • ‘Instead of paying lip service to cries for support, more assistance especially provision of facilities should occur for police to tackle crime effectively.’
    • ‘While both state and federal governments continue to pay lip service to supporting the public hospital system, they are speeding up the process of privatising health care.’
    • ‘I know everyone pays lip service to how much their house means to them when they're leaving, but this place really does have a special place in our hearts.’
    • ‘These days, diversity belongs on the motherhood-and-apple-pie list of things everyone favors - or at least pays lip service to.’
    • ‘But it's not just something he pays lip service to - innovation has helped to transform his business.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, as demonstrated in this debate, the major parties have prevented members from voting for what they truly believe in, or at least pay lip service to.’
    • ‘A person's spiritual beliefs are the ones which they demonstrate in their choice of politics, reactions, steps - never mind what they pay lip service to.’
    • ‘‘We can't afford to have them brushed under the carpet and just paid lip service to by politicians in all parties’, he added.’
    • ‘Far smaller clubs in Europe have made more progress because they have reared and nurtured their own players, something the Old Firm have for too long paid lip service to.’
    • ‘We've paid lip service to that ever since but we haven't taken it seriously.’