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pay off

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phrasal verb

  • 1 informal (of a course of action) yield good results; succeed.

    • ‘all the hard work I had done over the summer paid off’
    • ‘In some cases of course, it can pay off handsomely, if the company makes a decent recovery.’
    • ‘We can only hope that, in the long term, the gamble pays off.’
    • ‘When we invest ourselves in our children, it often pays off in surprising ways.’
    • ‘Secondly, and crucially, we get the reward when the gamble pays off.’
    • ‘Translating this complex novel for the stage is an ambitious undertaking, but it pays off richly.’
    • ‘He's given me the courage to go out into the world knowing that being beautiful inside sometimes pays off.’
    • ‘They have shown in the last few months that hard work in training pays off.’
    • ‘I guess listening in class pays off, even if you don't read the million and one readings.’
    • ‘Sometimes, all that fiddling with computers at home pays off extravagantly.’
    • ‘Refreshing your brain can sometimes be a little hard, but in the long run it always pays off.’
    meet with success, be successful, succeed, be effective, work, get results, be profitable
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  • 2pay something off, pay off somethingPay a debt in full.

    • ‘I've saved up enough to pay off my mortgage’
    get one's revenge on, be revenged on, revenge oneself on, repay, give someone their just deserts, reciprocate, punish, avenge oneself on, hit back at, get back at, get, get even with, settle a score with, settle the score with, settle accounts with, pay someone back, retaliate against, retaliate on, take reprisals against, exact retribution on
    pay in full, pay, settle, discharge, meet, clear, square, honour, satisfy, make good, liquidate
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  • 3pay someone off, pay off someoneDismiss someone with a final payment.

    • ‘when directors are fired, they should not be lavishly paid off’
    pay what one owes
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    1. 3.1Pay someone a bribe.
      • ‘all the witnesses had been paid off’