Meaning of pay out in English:

pay out

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phrasal verb

  • 1also pay something out, pay out somethingPay a large sum of money from funds under one's control.

    ‘insurers can refuse to pay out’
    • ‘she had to pay out £300 for treatment’
    • ‘It also means that the money is paid out more quickly, bypassing the long wait until probate is granted.’
    • ‘In most cases, funds are paid out over a three-year period.’
    • ‘After the final roll-over the money will be paid out to the next division, the second division winners.’
    • ‘Immediately the money was paid out on the instructions of Des Traynor.’
    • ‘This means all buy-in money is paid out as prizes.’
    • ‘To confuse matters more, the states are allowed, under federal law, to take two days to process the undistributed money before paying it out.’
    • ‘My dad needed to feel comfortable that we would be able to pay the money out.’
    • ‘Recipients of this money bought more stocks, the government received more money, paid it out, and so on.’
    • ‘If the government gets the money, it is paid out to government workers, who then pay taxes on their income.’
    • ‘The advantage of a qualified annuity is tax-free growth on invested money, and tax is deferred until the money is paid out.’
    spend, expend, pay, lay out, put up, part with, hand over, remit, furnish, supply, disburse, contribute, give, donate, invest, advance, pledge
  • 2pay something out, pay out somethingLet out a rope by slackening it.

    ‘I began paying out the nylon line’
    • ‘Some of the towline was paid out to send the commuter astern of the schooner.’
    • ‘With a float tied to the end, we start to pay the line out to float behind us and arc round the stranded yacht.’
    • ‘All the instructions were given in Irish in those days and when the spyer saw the fish he'd tell the captain and the seine net would be paid out.’