Meaning of pay out of pocket in English:

pay out of pocket


  • Pay for something with one's own money, rather than from a particular fund or account.

    ‘they don't have to worry about paying out of pocket for equipment and supplies’
    • ‘The alternative is to save money for a rainy day to pay out of pocket for treatments denied you.’
    • ‘The stock-market decline also has cut into people's retirement income and, consequently, their ability to pay out of pocket, Moore said.’
    • ‘What's your deductible, how much do you have to pay out of pocket?’
    • ‘After that, hurricane victims will either pay out of pocket for their hotel rooms or find other arrangements.’
    • ‘The principle behind the scheme holds that paying out of pocket for cheap mileage runs yields tremendous rewards in seat upgrades and thousands of free miles to use toward future travel.’
    • ‘Finding the resources yourself and paying out of pocket can be extremely expensive and difficult in the aftermath of a catastrophe.’
    • ‘Furthermore, uninsured Americans who lack any market power and pay out of pocket at the pharmacy naturally pay the highest prices for prescription drugs.’
    • ‘If he wanted the testing, he should pay out of pocket.’
    • ‘In looking more closely at the data on paying for conference attendance, we discovered that students are more likely to pay out of pocket.’
    • ‘Another patient had a yearlong wait for hip replacement surgery and he wasn't allowed to pay out of pocket to get it done earlier.’