Meaning of pay packet in English:

pay packet



  • 1British An envelope containing an employee's wages.

    North American term pay envelope

    ‘It was handed over in a brown envelope, a true pay packet.’
    • ‘It was not a 9 to 5 job by any means, neither was it a job that you could be sure you got a weekly wage, or monthly pay packet either, you needed a side line.’
    • ‘Because there will be 27 pays this year instead of the usual 26, many public and private sector employees will receive an extra pay packet.’
    • ‘Well, I suppose, dear employer, I do still like getting the pay packet at the end of the month.’
    • ‘Although there are still 28 shopping days to go, this weekend could be the high point of the bonanza, as stores expect customers to be armed with their last pay packet before Christmas.’
    • ‘He had picked up his pay packet on the Friday of his disappearance at 3pm and had left work immediately.’
    • ‘A modern apprenticeship now offers work-based learning with hands-on career experience, access to qualifications as well as a pay packet at the end of the month.’
    • ‘Contracted players have not had a pay packet for five weeks, while non-contract staff including Harris have not had any cash for almost five months.’
    • ‘They are discovering there is more joy in working at what they're passionate about than just putting in the hours for a monthly pay packet.’
    • ‘I want to start earning money again, I miss picking up my pay packet.’
    • ‘Then they look at their pay stubs, their pay packet, and they say ‘This does not compute’.’
    • ‘She was the mother who nagged, the wife who demanded the unopened pay packet, the grannie who made you eat your cabbage.’
    • ‘I have done all I can and have put money in but its two months since I picked up a pay packet - something has to give and enough is enough.’
    • ‘People on the national average income, $45,000, will receive an additional $4 per week in their pay packet from July 1.’
    • ‘My first pay packet contained £44 - big money in 1973!’
    • ‘Twenty-four hours after being arrested for on-the-job drunkenness the suspended teacher was busted yet again for DUI when he returned to pick up his pay packet.’
    • ‘His mother thought that I should have simply confiscated his pay packet, that's what she'd always done and she thought that's what I should do too.’
    • ‘I'm sure they would rather the city gave each one a £20 bonus in their Christmas pay packet.’
    • ‘Staff at more than 30 local schools are to get a bonus in their pay packet.’
    • ‘I have so many friends who are after that extra bonus in their pay packet.’
    1. 1.1A salary or income.
      ‘she was looking for other jobs to supplement her pay packet’
      • ‘He saw his pay packet fall by E105,000 to E861,000 with his performance bonus cut in half.’
      • ‘‘The size of someone's pay packet shouldn't dictate whether they give their family natural food,’ they say.’
      • ‘As times become uncertain, once comfortably-off families are learning to live without a steady monthly pay packet.’
      • ‘A site manager operating at the highest level can expect to receive an average yearly pay packet of just under €70,000 along with a bonus and company car.’
      • ‘With six figure weekly pay packets and multi-million-pound transfer fees, it's hardly surprising the City got cold feet.’
      • ‘As well as improvement to customer service, these local changes will also mean a bigger pay packet for every employee.’
      • ‘The employers can then match partnership shares by giving two free shares for each partnership share they buy, further boosting his employees pay packet.’
      • ‘In Japan, we are regarded as the best employer in terms of pay packet and general work environment.’
      • ‘It taught me a useful lesson in life: never do a job just for the pay packet.’
      • ‘We are on the picket line for one reason and that is because we want a decent pay packet for the job we do.’
      • ‘I was an apprentice in a factory at the time so if I remember my pay packet at that time was something like £6 a week.’
      • ‘The change would add $81 a week to the pay packet of someone earning $100,000 a year but just 94c a week to someone earning the average fulltime wage of $39,627.’
      • ‘I've had enough of getting out of bed at 4am, having my social life wrecked, and all for a pay packet that doesn't go halfway to giving me enough to live on.’
      • ‘The average wage earner will pocket an extra $7 a week, while a single income family with two children can expect an additional $33 in their weekly pay packet.’
      • ‘So, essentially, I'm not a lover of power, but that does not mean that I would shun an offer of a position in an organization where I was top dog if the pay packet was attractive.’
      • ‘He was asked about his own pay packet, which increased by 19 percent in September to £154,500 per year.’
      • ‘His total pay packet last year was £2.8m, but he does the 15-minute drive in his Lexus to and from work himself.’
      • ‘A recent survey revealed many people would rather be given more flexible working hours than an extra £1,000 in their pay packet.’
      • ‘Last year, on the back of the company's success, his pay packet rocketed by 27% to £405,000.’
      • ‘As a result, his annual pay packet swelled to £2.9m.’