Meaning of payday lender in English:

payday lender


  • A company that lends customers small amounts of money at high interest rates, on the agreement that the loan will be repaid when the borrower receives their next wages.

    ‘payday lenders have been criticized for setting loan terms that keep cash-strapped borrowers in perpetual debt’
    • ‘For instance, payday lenders actually charge fees of about $15 to $20 per $100 borrowed.’
    • ‘In short, payday lenders provide a means for the unbanked to join the financial mainstream.’
    • ‘Payday lenders lend without regard for the borrower's ability to repay the loan.’
    • ‘Payday lenders are teaming up with banks to offer short-term, high-interest loans in states that outlaw them.’
    • ‘Greedy check cashers and payday lenders rushed in to fill the void.’
    • ‘Check cashing stores, rent-to-own stores and the payday lenders have their downside: high fees for money order transactions or short-term loans.’
    • ‘Many check cashers and payday lenders have sought to lease national bank charters to avoid legislative interference and circumvent state usury laws.’
    • ‘For a borrower with bad credit, payday lenders offer an invaluable service few banks will offer.’
    • ‘Remember, if you stumble into an unauthorised overdraft from a high street bank you may end up paying charges of which a payday lender can only dream.’
    • ‘Since that time (140 days ago), around 300 payday lenders have exploded across the state.’
    • ‘The payday lenders are assailed for collecting $1.6 billion in fees a year, but Webster says banks charge $7 billion a year for bounced checks.’
    • ‘Since the fixed costs associated with setting up a loan are similar, whether a person is borrowing $100 or $100,000, it should be no surprise that payday lenders would charge higher fees or interest rates, since they're dealing with loans of lower amounts.’
    • ‘It will force the most desperate borrowers into the arms of pawn shops and payday lenders to make ends meet.’
    • ‘If they can't get a credit card, then they have to turn somewhere else for credit, such as payday lenders, check-cashers, pawn shops, or loan sharks.’
    • ‘The woman tried to close her checking account, which was being automatically debited by payday lenders.’
    • ‘Fifty-four percent of us have no bank account or are still using check cashing places, money orders and payday lenders.’
    • ‘Expect business at payday lenders and pawn shops to increase, for instance.’
    • ‘The new rules became effective in July, and let payday lenders and car title lenders charge a $10 origination fee per $100 loaned, up to a limit of $30 for a loan of any amount.’
    extortionate moneylender, payday lender