Meaning of payroll in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpeɪrəʊl/

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  • 1A list of a company's employees and the amount of money they are to be paid.

    ‘there are just three employees on the payroll’
    • ‘Management of the agency wanted her to go on the payroll as an employee for 30 hours a week.’
    • ‘All those employees on the payroll do not want their cause to go away.’
    • ‘Then there's the opposite side of the coin: employees on payrolls.’
    • ‘Millions of workers in companies whose payrolls are done by vendors will see their money right away.’
    • ‘It was these numbers showing up on the payroll that tipped off Ellison.’
    • ‘As long as they have me in some sort of role, as long as they have me on the payroll, then I'll be happy.’
    • ‘Each spot on the payroll was precious, a weapon to defeat the threat of mediocrity.’
    • ‘We'll also be able to shrink the number of government workers already on the payroll.’
    • ‘The work is being done by staff already on the payroll, and by volunteers.’
    • ‘We actually have somebody on the payroll here who is silly enough to answer all this stuff.’
    • ‘In an age when general staff pensions did not exist the railways might well keep elderly staff on the payroll for nominal duties.’
    • ‘We are committed to keeping those persons who will be needed in January on the payroll.’
    • ‘He said there was need to build four teachers' houses at the same school and put teachers on the payroll.’
    • ‘This will be a balancing act for a small employer to go through before he or she puts someone on the payroll.’
    • ‘It employed people on a monthly salary and at its peak there were more than 5,000 on the payroll.’
    • ‘It's hard to find a computer security organisation without a few curious types on the payroll.’
    • ‘It is also likely to open the door to more recruitment of office staff with 25 now on the payroll.’
    • ‘For the first time in two decades I'm not on the payroll of a large media corporation.’
    • ‘At its peak, there were over 500 staff on the payroll but that is now down to about 330.’
    • ‘After the concept for a film has been put in place the first people on the payroll are the art and accounts department.’
    1. 1.1The total amount of wages paid by a company.
      ‘small employers with a payroll of less than £45,000’
      • ‘Thousands of factories report their total payrolls to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics every month.’
      • ‘Total payrolls were up more than 1 percent as of July.’
      • ‘Total payrolls were higher last month than in April.’
      • ‘Strong demand is allowing businesses to bolster payrolls - and wages’
      • ‘With no pricing power, companies are cutting payrolls and wages.’
      • ‘Whenever this possibility comes up, we talk about the number of jobs, the size of payrolls, the economic impact.’
      • ‘It also could mean reduced profits for corporate America, leading to a slimming down of payrolls and loss of bonuses in their Irish operations.’
      • ‘These unique advantages are especially important in an environment of slowing sales growth, shrinking payrolls, and other uncertainties.’
      • ‘The players think that the free market should determine the minimum payroll for the teams.’
      • ‘Internet journalists' payrolls represent five to 10 percent of the total newsroom's payroll (print plus online).’