Meaning of pea-shooter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpiːˌʃuːtə/


  • A toy weapon consisting of a small tube out of which dried peas are blown.

    ‘In awe of your older brother Dane, you shot a pea-shooter at his horse, causing it to throw him and inflict injuries from which he later died.’
    • ‘I'd have got a Bic biro and chewed up bits of paper and spat them through the pen at him like an old pea-shooter.’
    • ‘He's reciting Shakespeare in a talent show but he can't seem to get his lines out - because the gang's pelting him with pea-shooters!’
    • ‘This is the second time in about an hour that I've had those pea-shooters pointed at me, and it's really not impressing anyone.’
    • ‘Put that real gun back in the counter and let me see the sissy-looking pea-shooter again.’