Meaning of pea-struck in English:



  • (of an animal) poisoned as a result of eating the Darling pea, a poisonous plant of South Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales.

    ‘the pea-struck sheep rarely recovers’
    • ‘I'd heard of horses getting pea-struck from eating Darling pea in the West Darling country, but that's hundreds of miles away.’
    • ‘One big, rangy wether—which David thought was probably pea-struck—ran straight at the dog.’
    • ‘Grown wethers brought on to his property from New England had not shown any symptoms of being pea-struck at the end of seven months.’
    • ‘Pea-struck sheep can readily be detected by their wasted condition, exaggerated movements, trembling, and unsteady gait.’
    • ‘The typical symptoms of pea-struck sheep have been described by Hurst.’
    • ‘Should sheep graze extensively on these species, they develop a condition known as "pea struck" or "loco disease".’
    • ‘The plants rarely occur in sufficient quantity to cause animals to become pea struck.’
    • ‘The pea-struck sheep rarely recovers its normal tone.’
    • ‘Animals (sheep, cattle, and horses) become pea-struck after grazing this species for some time, and at this stage develop a craving for it.’
    • ‘He suggests that any animals that are pea-struck at this stage will probably recover if moved to clean paddocks.’